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One Day Rapid Detox

One-day rapid detox is an ideal alcohol detox solution for many people who want to stop drinking safely and immediately. Let's face it; not everyone has 72 hours, let alone 30 days+, to give to an alcohol detox and inpatient treatment center. For many drinkers, they are the breadwinners of their households. If they don't work, they don't produce income. Their children, spouses, partners, and pets won't have sustenance if they don't work. Their bills would not get paid; evictions would likely be filed, and even worse things might happen if they took the luxury of checking themselves into a full-fledged rehabilitation/detox facility. For them, one-day rapid detox followed by a viable outpatient treatment plan is the best option. Alcohol Detox Center is a public resource that helps people in similar situations get the detox and treatment they need.

Get the Help You Need!

Ideally, it's best to get intensive professional alcohol treatment if drinking has become a problem for you. Staying in a medical alcohol detox facility, and then entering into a long-term alcohol treatment program, can give you the tools you need and the best chance for you to not only get clean but to stay clean permanently. Alcoholism is a powerful, cunning, and progressive disease that will eventually kill you, destroy your health, and or rob you of your social standing and dignity. When and where possible, assess and rearrange your priorities and obligations to accommodate a comprehensive treatment plan.

Don't Detox at Home

People who try one-day rapid detox techniques at home often face painful withdrawal symptoms, including headaches, vomiting, fatigue, uncontrollable sweating, and worse. Severe cases of alcohol withdrawal may include cardiac arrest, seizures, and shock. This is why it's advisable to detox in the care of experts.
Doing so will minimize the chances of complications and minimize the chance that you will pick up a drink to make yourself feel better.

Detox Your Body and Your Brain

The real problem with alcohol, even more so than the physical dependency it creates, is that it is a disease of the brain. In other words, the real problem with alcoholism is the psychological addiction it causes. The alcohol-addicted brain depends on alcohol for survival just the same as the brain depends on nutrients, oxygen, and blood flow for survival. Therefore, when the alcoholic brain is deprived of alcohol, it triggers the person to seek alcohol just like it would trigger you to get air if you were drowning.

Have a Detox and Post-Detox Plan

One day rapid detox should only be utilized by people who absolutely cannot commit themselves to a long-term treatment program. In any case, the most important thing is to have an action plan in place before you detox. If you can't do inpatient treatment, you should detox and then consider partial hospitalization or outpatient/IOP treatment.

Let Us Help You

The Alcohol Detox Center can help you find the best resources for your situation, including one-day rapid detox when appropriate. We can plug you into the best detox center and service providers in your area that will help you to get the treatment you need and craft a plan that is workable for you. Reach out to us today. We're here to help!

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One Day Rapid Detox