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Residential Treatment Center Newport Beach

Residential Treatment Center Newport Beach

If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, you can easily be fooled into thinking that you can overcome your addiction on your own, without the help of a rehab. Going through detox at home is risky; in fact, the vast majority of addicts who try to go through withdrawals alone end up right back where they started before their efforts to beat their addiction. Choosing a residential treatment center in Newport Beach can make all the difference in your recovery. Newport Beach Recovery Center has a safe and comfortable place where you can detox and prepare for the next phase in treatment.

5 Advantages of Residential Addiction Treatment Over Trying to Quit On Your Own

1. Checking into a drug rehab in Newport Beach provides access to a wealth of resources, including recovery programs, therapies, and relapse prevention techniques that can help you stay the course you’ve begun. With around-the-clock supervision, you’ll be more likely to avoid taking steps backward during recovery from addiction. Our program will also hold you accountable for your actions while you’re in rehab; you’ll learn how to deal with cravings and overcome real life situations that can lead to a relapse.

2. Not all drug and alcohol rehab centers offer medical detox; however, those that do are able to offer patients a unique experience during detox. Medical-Assisted Treatment at Newport Beach Recovery Center can maintain your comfort level while you undergo the most intense stage of withdrawals, so you’ll be more likely to complete treatment. If you choose at-home detox, you’ll experience painful withdrawal symptoms that last for many days- something you can avoid by contacting our rehab.

3. Choosing our detox program will ensure a smooth transition into inpatient rehab where you’ll have access to quality programs and multiple therapies to keep you on track to reaching your recovery goals. Addiction treatment in Newport Beach Recovery Center includes holistic healing and experiential therapy. If you prefer, outpatient services are available to accommodate your busy lifestyle or at-home schedule that includes work, school, or family obligations.

4. Recovery specialists highly recommend checking into a residential rehab in Orange County rather than trying to detox without professional supervision. Your journey to lifelong recovery from addiction begins in our safe detox program where you’ll be given comfort meds and offered a number of amenities. Consider your options before deciding to try DIY recovery methods that will almost cerrtainly fail.

5. Our residential treatment center in Newport Beach has a long history of successfully treating addiction and helping patients find lasting sobriety. Can you think of a single reason not to contact Newport Beach Recovery Center when you’re ready to take the first step on the path to recovery?

Get help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol by reaching out to our rehab online or by phone at 866-541-6560. You’ll never regret the decision to make a lasting change, and it’s never been easier to find free resources and assistance online.

Residential Treatment Center Newport Beach

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Residential Treatment Center Newport Beach