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Residential Treatment Centers Utah

Residential treatment centers in Utah offer are a premier destination for those recovering from addiction. Located just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah Addiction Centers treats patients with respect and dignity. We help our patients on the shores of Utah Lake under the towering Rocky Mountains in a classic Western setting.

Why should I seek treatment?

Addiction is an epidemic. The prevalence of alcohol and availability of opioids and other drugs fuels a subculture which traps nearly 20 million Americans. The number of afflicted increases every year with new drugs entering the market.

Other disorders prevail as well. Sex addiction and eating disorders are equally destructive. Over thirty million people in the United States suffer from these ailments. The need to promote a positive body image significantly impacts subgroups such as military personnel.

Addiction effects health and well-being. Drugs cause breathing problems, depression, and tooth loss or decay. This group is more likely to suffer from joblessness and find themselves in criminal court.

People experiencing eating related anxiety experience heightened risks of depression with half of the cases studied exhibiting signs of severe mental health issues. Still, only one in five anorexia-related deaths are from suicide.

As the body degrades, your social structure is also impacted. Family, friends, and those that care about you often find themselves taking great pains to help. This strains relationships. Issues are greatest for those caught in the web of the criminal justice system.

Finding a residential treatment center places you in a supportive environment surrounded by experts and peers. We understand your problems and offer real solutions.

Where can I get the best treatment?

Many find that their addiction issues related to the communities to which they are most connected. Friends, family, and acquaintances may re-enforce negative behavior. It is best to remove yourself from such an environment.

Rehabilitation facilities with long and short-term live in options are ideal for addicts who cannot remove themselves from the circles promoting their drug of choice. These centers also help push positive thinking for those suffering from eating disorders.

Our experts use a multi-pronged approach to help people recover. Group and individual therapy help dive into the root cause of your use or anxieties while the natural beauty of Utah allows you to detox and relax.

Staff help patients around the clock. This is particularly crucial when going through detox treatment. Nurses monitor for seizures and other symptoms of withdrawals during this crucial first step.

Is a live-in facility expensive?

Rehabilitation carries a cost. Short-term care may cost up to $12000 with long term care requiring between $20000 and $60000 depending on the length and intensity of therapy.

While expensive, the cost outweighs the overall burden imposed by addiction. Court costs, battles with family, the effects of joblessness, the purchase of your drug of choice, and the overall health burdens related to abuse make treatment more affordable.

Your health insurance may cover many of the costs of rehabilitation. Medications and therapies are part of many plans. This makes the cost of recovery affordable to many.

Residential treatment centers in Utah offer an opportunity to return to normalcy. Our experts provide the dignity and respect your illness deserves in the natural wealth of the Rocky Mountains.

Residential Treatment Centers Utah
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Residential Treatment Centers Utah

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