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Dr. Manon Foidart – Calgary Dentist

Meet Dr. Manon Foidart!

Meet Dr. Manon Foidart.

I studied at the University of Manitoba. All of my education before dental was 100% in French. I did a Bachelor of Science, a diploma in dental hygiene, a DMD and a Bachelor of Science in Dentistry with a focus on implants.

I love all aspects of dentistry and I feel like my strength is creating patient relationships and making people feel at ease.

I met my husband Mick in Australia on a fishing boat at sea 😄 He moved to Canada with me and we have three little ones, 6 and under 🤪

What makes me smile:

  1. I completed my pilot’s license when I moved to Calgary but put it on hold until my kids are older.
  2. I love camping, hiking and running, recently ran a half marathon in Vegas.
  3. And most of all I love being a mom!

Dr. Foidart is looking forward to seeing you at Ultima Dental Wellness!

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