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Dr. Richard Krim

Meet Dr. Richard Krim!

Dr. Richard Krim grew up in a rural community in Northern Alberta. He graduated from the University of Alberta in 2001 and has since shown a continued commitment to providing patients with evidence-based treatment planning. Dr. Krim is dedicated to his ongoing continuing education.

Dr. Krim maintains a general practice geared towards prevention, with a special interest in orthodontics and implants.

My Dental Philosophy:

The whole reason we exist, as a dental practice, is to provide service to our clients and the community to get healthier.  I am here to help deliver quality healthcare, as comfortably as possible.  I am passionate about learning new techniques for better results, and greater patient comfort.  I am passionate about overall health and the connection that a healthy mouth can make to that.

What makes me smile: 

  • Seeing my sons’ reactions when I tell them Dad jokes
  • Seeing my sons’ reactions when I sing while washing dishes
  • Come to think of it, anything, where I can get a reaction out of my kids, makes me smile
  • Seeing other people smile and knowing they are happy.  Whether that is in the office, when we know we have done great work, or when I am enjoying time with family and friends.

Favourite food:

  • Home-made apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

What do I do when I am not caring for your teeth:

I love coaching soccer. I can also often be found working in the backyard working on a renovation project.  I try to be an example for my kids, especially when it comes to effort, hard work, and resilience.  I do also love hiking, playing soccer, tennis, and squash.

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